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Inpatient Rehab Program

After watching the in-and-out revolving door “rehab” involving such celebrities as Brittney Spears and Lindsey Lohan, you might legitimately wonder if such inpatient rehabilitation for drug abuse really works. But for thousands of patients, inpatient rehab is the best, sometimes the only, answer to a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

Addiction Recovery

An inpatient rehabilitation program involves much more than simple counseling or even detox. By entering a center for drug treatment, one specializing in recognizing and treating the effects of drugs on the human body, a substance abuser gains access to professional care he or she could not find at home. In addition, checking into a drug treatment facility means complete removal from the drug lifestyle and the environment which fosters it. Proper food, medication, and rest await, along with a rounded course of treatment tailored to an individual’s needs.

By choosing inpatient rehab over an outpatient program, the severely addicted person makes a total break from the old to the new, at least in the short term. No longer surrounded by people who enable his or her drug habit, faced with professional caregivers who have heard every excuse and understand every craving, the addict has nowhere to go but up. Inpatient care involves detoxification to rid the patient’s body of whatever substance he was abusing, and offers the most comfortable and managed way for abusers to cope with the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. This very necessary stage of recovery is best managed by professionals, who can carefully monitor the patient and administer whatever medications are necessary, in the proper dosages. Outpatient treatment of this process is much riskier.

Any good inpatient rehabilitation program will include counseling as part of the detox and recovery process. The patient really cannot make excuses to evade it or miss the appointment; the doctors know just where to find him. The atmosphere inside the clinic or treatment center is also all about rehabilitation rather than simple medical treatment as found in a hospital. Patients are there for one reason—to kick the habit of substance abuse. Their bodies will be cured, to the extent possible, of the damage done by the drug or alcohol, but their mental recovery is the real key to long-term success, and that is why inpatient rehab should be seriously considered for anyone seeking treatment for drug addiction or alcohol abuse.

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Within the walls of the clinic, addicts in an inpatient program can begin the journey to recovery without having to cope with strained family relationships, day-to-day survival, and the pressures of finding the next fix. Food and shelter are provided; medication is available when required, and at long last the addict has a chance to slow down and think about his problem. This is, in fact, the hardest part of the recovery, and the one most facilitated by inpatient rehab. Patients must confront the causes of their addiction before they can move past it. An environment entirely geared toward helping this process along can boost a patient a long way down the road toward eventual recovery and a successful life free of drugs.

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